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  Welcome to the Wandsworth & District Table Tennis League where you can follow the results of your favourite players and teams that play locally in the Wandsworth area of London as well giving you information of places you where you can play Table Tennis.

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Remembering the late Harry Rowley

   It is with great sadness that we learn of the death of Harry Rowley. Harry died unexpectedly on the 10th October. He played in the Wandsworth League for many years for various clubs including Magdalen Park and Earlsfield, indeed he was captain of Earlsfield “B” and won the division 4 singles title in 1974 back when there were 12 teams to a division and 12 divisions.  He leaves behind a table tennis legacy through his son Paul Rowley who is one of the league’s top players. Ron Brown the captain of Vale “A” remembers Harry very fondly saying “the nights when we played against Harry were hilarious he was always such a wind up merchant but with a hell of a lot of charm. I remember once that Harry won a point by the ball just clipping the net, I expected him to just put his hand up and say sorry, instead he ran over to the net gave it a kiss then ran back to his end and then said sorry! He was a great guy who was always entertaining to play against. He will be greatly missed”. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to Harry’s wife and all his family and friends.    

CUP NEWS:   New line up makes this the most open cup competition for many years

  With the withdrawal of the all conquering York Gardens “A” team who won last season’s Presidents Cup (straight knock out Cup) it looks like this season could be one of the most open cup competitions we have seen. Vale “A” are at home against St Pauls “A”, York Gardens “C” take on the new team of St Pauls “D”  and York Gardens “A” (the old “C” team) take on St Pauls “C”. Wilton “A”, St Pauls “B”, and York Gardens “B” all have byes into the next round.  In the Chairmans Cup (the handicap cup where lower ranked teams get a head start) XXIV Club “A” have a healthy 6+ start against York Gardens “A”, and York Gardens “B” have drawn Vale “A” who are both on level scores as they are in the same division. Wilton “A” are at home against St Pauls “B” again on level points, St Pauls “D” have +3 against XXIV Club “B, St Pauls “A” are giving away 6 points start to York Gardens “C” (although this match may be rescheduled to later in the season). Wilton “B”, Vale “B”, and St Pauls “C” all have byes into the next round.

Division 1:                        Bad week for St Pauls “A” as Wilton “A” stun them 7 – 3

   Both St Pauls teams were kicked into touch this week, the “A” team went down 7 – 3 to an inspired Wilton “A”. Last season St Pauls “A” dominated Wilton and in the Chairmans Cup at the start of this season St Pauls “B” beat them 5 – 2 (from level points as both teams are in division 1) but on Tuesday night Richard Evans was the catalyst for an impressive victory. Richard went unbeaten including getting revenge over John Llewellyn who had won their previous 3 encounters, but the crucial difference was Emiliano Laghi (pictured) who was outstanding in beating both Rob Knifton and John Llewellyn for what was a career best performance. Eric Jeanpierre won 1 beating Mike Nash and the doubles was given to Wilton with St Pauls leading 2 games to 1 as Rob Knifton had to leave the match to get his last train. For St Pauls John, Rob and Mike all won 1 each.  In the Vale “A” match there was the welcome return of their top player Andy Sanders alongside Doug Taucher, and Wojtek Czubek although all their the performances of the Vale squad was very impressive as they were all unbeaten winning 10 – 0. For St Pauls, Rob Barr was the closest to winning as he took Wojtek Czubek  to a tight 5th set, Elvis Pratt and Sean Clowry made up the rest of the St Pauls squad. York Gardens “B” continued their strong start to the season with dominating 9 – 1 win over Vale “B”. The York Gardens team was Joe Leone, Avenash Shamloll and new signing Ross Drable who were all unbeaten against the Vale team of Tom Coady, Peter Fenner and Don Stevens, there was some honour upheld as Tom and Peter teamed up to win the doubles 3 straight, and Tom Coady pushed Joe Leone all the way only just losing 11 – 9 in the 5th set.

Division 2:                 York Gardens “C” battling to keep XXIV Club “A” within reaching distance

   The XXIV Club “A” maintained their dominance at the top of division 2 with an 8 – 2 over Heathfield. For the XXIV Club “A” Remi Alaka and Adeel Ahmed were as usual not only unbeaten but quite unbeatable, Mike Bright (pictured) filled in for Steve Sin and managed to win 1, and Remi and Adeel teamed up to take the doubles and score maximum 6 points for the win. For Heathfield we saw the return of their captain Bob Tidbury who has been away in Greece, he and Harry Greatwood both won 1 each beating Mike Bright, their 3rd player was Warren Low who lost his 3 on the night. In second place in the league table is currently York Grdens “C” who have 14 points, 4 points behind XXIV Club “A”. York Garden “C” beat St Pauls “D” 10 – 0, although St Pauls only had 2 players as their 3rd player was delayed in getting to the match, so York Gardens claimed their right to take the un - played matches.  For York Gardens it was Linford Akoto, new signing Mark lewis and regular player Sajid Patel who were all unbeaten. For St Pauls “D” it was the two brothers Alex and Felix Dracup who were on the receiving end. St Pauls “C” were the only St Pauls team this week to have any success as they managed to beat Wilton “B” 6 – 4. For St Pauls “C” Luke Pomaro continued his unbeaten run in the division winning his 3, Josh Blagden did well to win 2, and teamed up with Luke to win the crucial doubles to take the match 6 – 4 and get 4 points to put themselves 3rd in the table on 7 points. Alex Dracup was their 3rd player filling in for Clark Geddes, he battled hard but lost his 3 on the night. For Wilton “B” it was as usual the 3 Baig brothers, Hassan, Humza and Zain. Zain won 2 matches with Humza and Hassan both winning 1 each.

If you are interested in playing Table Tennis look up one of the many clubs in Wandsworth where you can join in. Players of all skill levels are welcome for coaching, practice or match play, from beginner to national level. Click this link to see clubs in Wandsworth.