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  Welcome to the Wandsworth & District Table Tennis League where you can follow the results of your favourite players and teams that play locally in the Wandsworth area of London as well giving you information of places you where you can play Table Tennis.

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This week in division 1 again we saw the progression of Cain Fagan becoming one of the top players in the league as he almost beat Laikram Persaud. York Gardens “A” had a minor trip as they drew with Vale “A”. In division 2 St  Pauls “A” took their first win this season. York Gardens “G” are now 3 points clear in division 3.  In division 4 Vale “C” continue to defy the age barrier as they stay top in the division.


Division 1   Vale “A” hold York Gardens “A” to a draw

 York Gardens “D” scored a good 7 – 3 result against York Gardens “B”.  For York Gardens “D” Laikram Persaud and Andrei Procopie won 3 each and Silvia Trenti playing her 1st match of the season won 1.  For York Gardens “B” Cain Fagan came very close to beating Laikram Persaud in a thrilling match losing 13-11 in the fifth. He later beat Silvia Trenti, The “B” team players were William Amapomah  winning 1 and Ismai’l Miller losing his 3 matches. The “B” team of Cain Fagan and William Amapomah won doubles against Laikram Persaud and Andrei Procopie. In the other division 1 match Vale “A” held York gardens “A” to a draw. York Gardens “A” were a 2 man team with Musa Farquharson winning his 3 matches and Tony Allen winning 2.  For Vale, Andy Sanders was on form beating Tony Allen and recording 2 wins because of the missing player. Vale’s Doug Taucher and Ron Brown (pictured) both recorded 1 win each and Andy and Doug teamed up to dominate the doubles and secure the draw.  

Division 2   St Pauls “A” score first win this season

 The top of the table clash between York Gardens “F” and St Pauls “B” resulted in a 7 – 3 win to York Gardens that could easily have been a draw as many of the sets went to a fifth end. Colin Morrow (pictured) was again unbeaten for York Gardens “F”, although Tony Lee was the key player winning 2, with Janice Lee winning 1, Tony and Colin teamed up to take the doubles.  For St Pauls Simon Kempton won 2 (only losing 14 -12 in the fifth to Colin Morrow)  Luke Pomaro won 1, and Rob Knifton lost his 3.   That score puts York Gardens “F” top of the division equal on points with St Pauls “B” but with a better sets averages.  For St Pauls “A” there was an upturn in fortune as they beat Wilton 6 – 4. For St Pauls “A” John Llewellyn and Paul Rowley both put in strong performances winning all their matches, Mike Nash was unlucky to lose his 3. For Wilton Richard Evans, Eric Jeanpierre and Paul Couper all won 1 each and Eric and Richard teamed up to take an exciting doubles.

 Division 3    York Gardens “G” stay top of division despite losing to XXIV Club

  XXIV club beat York Gardens “G” 7 – 3, but are still 3 points behind them in division 3. For the XXIV Club Tom O’malley was in impressive form winning his 3, Steve Sin won 2, and John Fowler won 1, and they took the doubles. York Gardens “G” Ismai’l Miller had a bad night losing his 3, the reliable Khaled Uddin won 2 and Anxo Pasha won 1. Vale “B” won their first match this season in division 3 beating York Gardens “H” 7 - 3. Vale’s Tom Higgs was the anchor man winning his 3, Tom Coady won 2 and Don Stevens won 1 and they took the doubles to finish the match. For the York gardens “H” team again Jessic Monis played well to win 2, Sajid Patel won 1 and Mike Nobel lost his 3. York Gardens “G” lead the division on 11 points, XXIV Club have 8 points with York Gardens “I” and Vale “B” both on 5 points, York Gardens “H” are bottom of the table on 3 points.

Division 4     Vale “C” marching on with victory over St Pauls “C”

Vale “C” put in another fine performance to beat St Pauls “C” 7 – 3 and stay top of the table in division 3. Vale’s Roy Holmes was again highly effective winning 2, Tommy Tomkins and Peter Fenner added their support also winning 2 each and took the doubles. For St Pauls Peter Lyall was the only winner winning his 3 matches with both Pete Bambridge and Tom Edge losing their matches.  York Gardens “J” secured maximum points against Heathfield beating them 8 – 2. The man of the match was Joe Leone winning his 3 for York Gardens with both Mike Nobel and Pawel Meryn winning 2 each and they took the doubles to guarantee 4 points. For Heathfield Harry Greatwood was the only winner winning 2, Andy Brooks and Bob Tidbury lost their matches. Vale “C” are now on 10 points 1 point ahead of York Gardens “J” on 9 points.

New rule changes to make team line up more consistent

 Last season particularly in Division 1, the regular team line became a farce as teams struggled to full a regular squad so this season the league is trying out a new rule to stop players “hopping” from one team to another. Guidance for the new rule is; “A player may play for one higher team only in each higher division for a maximum of three times in each half.  Where the higher team is in the same division as the one he is registered for, playing up is limited to one occasion only in each half.”    Click here to see the league rules and guidance notes    

New Table Tennis  Club at Brunswick Club in Fulham

   New Table Tennis Club at the Brunswick Club in Fulham every Tuesday from 6.00pm - 10.15pm. the fee is £5.00 per session. Brunswick Table Tennis is catered for players of Division 1& 2 standard players' Premier & County players and British League players.  The tables are 5 Stiga Premier Compact and Stiga Premier Nets and Stiga Barriers.as you will see in the attachment, I hope to see you all there on the opening 09th Sept 2014 6.00pm till 10.15pm

The Nearest Tube station is Fulham Broadway 10 min walk, also there are no parking restrictions after 5.30pm

The Brunswick Club For Young People, 34 Haldane Rd, London SW6 7EU

off North End Road by the Mc Donalds  Phone:020 7385 4856  Contact: Philip Sangchin  (07961002799)

If you are interested in playing Table Tennis look up one of the many clubs in Wandsworth where you can join in. Players of all skill levels are welcome for coaching, practice or match play, from beginner to national level. Click this link to see clubs in Wandsworth.