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  Welcome to the Wandsworth & District Table Tennis League where you can follow the results of your favourite players and teams that play locally in the Wandsworth area of London as well giving you information of places you where you can play Table Tennis.

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Welcome to the Wandsworth & District Table Tennis league

Welcome to the Wandsworth & District Table Tennis League. The latest league tables for all 3 divisions are below as well as match dates.

CLICK HERE for the NEW FIXTURE LIST ** UPDATED ** (All divisions)

Latest League Tables for all Divisions CLICK HERE

New Ranking list for the Wandsworth & District Table Tennis League

  It has been a while since the last ranking list was produced for the Wandsworth & District Table Tennis League but finally an updated system based on points scored from league matches has been introduced. For this first half of the season results from a maximum of 8 league matches can be used (8 matches as that is the maximum number of available for divisions 2 and 3 as both divisions have a gap). The  ranking list is based on points scored through wins in league matches. Each division has a different points weighting; division 1 = 4.5 points, division 2 = 3 points, division 3 = 2 points. Where players have equal points the higher wins average will take presidence, e.g  10 wins out 10 = 100%, 5 wins out of 10 = 50%. In the current list Tomasz Watral has gone to the top of the rankings after an amazing start to the season which included a big win over Laikram Persaud.CLICK HERE to see Ranking List

CUP NEWS:                   Cup matches Semi-Finals Draw announced

The Semi-Finals of both the Presidents and Chairmans Cups have been announced. The matches take place in the first week in January before the league starts back the following week. Click on the link below or go to the Cups page on the menu above to see the results from the last round and the draw for the next round. CLICK HERE to see results and the new draw

Division 1          The battle is on as York Gardens “B” close the gap with York Gardens “A”

   The battle for the 1st division title became more competitive this week with York Garden “B” closing the gap down to 2 points between them and leaders York Gardens “A”. The “B” team played St Pauls “A” for double points and came away with a completely clean sheet by winning 10 – 0. The match started with a fantastic encounter between St Pauls Paul Rowley and Christian Gonzales which Gonzales won 11 – 5 in the 5th set. The score line of 10 – 0 doesn’t reflect how close some of the matches were and Paul Rowley, Simon Kempton and Sean Clowry were unlucky on the night. For York Gardens “B” Musa Farquharson, Leo Veinsreider and Christian Gonzales were the ones on form all going unbeaten. St Pauls “B” played their heart out to get a point in losing to Vale “A” 7 – 3. For St Pauls “B” Mike Nash and David Paez both beat Ron Brown, Rob Knifton had his best win of the season beating Doug Taucher 11 – 8 in the 5th set to secure the point. For Vale “A” man of the match was Andy Sanders who was unbeaten, with Doug Taucher taking 2 and Ron Brown 1 plus Vale won the doubles. York Gardens “A” beat York Gardens “C” 7 – 3. The “A” team have managed to recruit some of the very best players in London this season and on Monday they brought in Joseph Langham–Ferreria (pictured) who is ranked in the top 25 in England under 21s. For the “A” team not too surprisingly Joseph won his 3 but was taken to a 5th set by another new signing Peter Fluhler, there was also the welcome return of Hewley Griffiths who won 2 (losing to Peter Fluhler) and the anchor man Laikram Persaud who also won 2. For York Gardens “C” The already mentioned Peter Fluhler was the star winning 2, Thomasz Watral and Tony Orridge both lost their matches which says a lot about how good the opposition were, but they did take the doubles to get a point.

Division 2         Wilton “A” back in the hunt for promotion after victory over Vale “B”

   Vale “B” suffered their first defeat in division 2 at the hands of Wilton “A” losing 7 – 3. For Wilton “A”, man of the match was Richard Evans who went unbeaten and placed himself top of the players averages in the process. His other Wilton team mates also performed well with Eric Jeanpierre winning 2 including beating Tom Higgs, and Pauls Couper having his best results of season also winning 2. For Vale “B”, Tom Higgs and Peter Fenner both won 1 each with Coin Gray (who was filling in for Tom Coady) losing his matches, Vale took the doubles to get a point.  This win puts Wilton in the hunt for promotion along with York Gardens “D” and “F” who battled it out this week. It was York Gardens “D” who were victorious thanks to a fabulous all round team performance from Philip Marlow, Richard Gayle and the return of the lovely Jessica Monis (pictured) have all won 2 each to take the match 6 – 4. For York Gardens “F” they brought in new signing Peter Fluhler who is proving to be one of the best players in the league as he took 2 wins off the league champions  York Gardens “A” in another match this week. Not too surprisingly he won his 3, Mike Noble and Bogdan Ochnia lost their matches but the “F” team did manage to win the doubles.

Division 3      York Gardens “H” breathing down the neck of Vale “C”

   York Gardens “H” were back on form this week with a confident 7 – 3 win over their rivals for promotion Vale “C”. For York Gardens “H”,  Krzys Brzezinski  (pictured) was man of the match winning his 3, Robin Lee won 2 and new signing Andy Christopher won 1, plus they took the doubles. For Vale “C”, it was Don Stevens, Jeff Collin and Tommy Tomkins who all won 1 each. York Gardens “H” are 1 point behind Vale after the win but do have a match in hand, their chance of catching up the mighty XXIV Club are near impossible as they are 7 points behind with a possible 8 points available, but the XXIV Club only have to score 1 point from either of their last 2 matches to win the division. The other 3rd division match this week was unfortunately a walk over to Heathfield as the young Wilton “B” side had transport difficulties.

If you are interested in playing Table Tennis look up one of the many clubs in Wandsworth where you can join in. Players of all skill levels are welcome for coaching, practice or match play, from beginner to national level. Click this link to see clubs in Wandsworth.