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  Welcome to the Wandsworth & District Table Tennis League where you can follow the results of your favourite players and teams that play locally in the Wandsworth area of London as well giving you information of places you where you can play Table Tennis.

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New league fixtures announced

This seasons new league fixtures and the latest league tables are below in the Wandsworth & District Table Tennis League for all divisions.   

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Latest League Tables for all Divisions CLICK HERE

Leo Veinsreider tops the ranking list

  Leo Veinsreider (pictured) who came 3rd in the players averages in the 1st division was the surprise top player in the Wandsworth & District league ranking list. Leo won 23 matches out of a possible 24 and finished ahead of Cain Fagan and team mate Musa Farquharson. Because of the maximum of 8 qualifying matches Leo actually played 10 matches which meant he was able to drop his 2 worst match results which improved the number of ranking points he scored. Other players to do well in the ranking list are Philip Marlow and Richard Evans who finished in 8th and 9th respectively despite only playing in division 2. Tom O’malley was the highest placed 3rd division player coming 15th with a total of 81 players on the list.

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CUP NEWS:                   Cup Finals matches to be announced

The Cup Finals of both the Presidents and Chairmans Cups will be announced soon. The Final of the Presidents Cup will be between York Gardens “A” and York Gardens “B”. The Chairmans Cup will be between XXIV Club “A” and York Gardens “C”.

 CLICK HERE to see results and the new draw

Division 1         All square between York Gardens “A” and “B” at the top of division 1

  York Gardens “C” caused an upset by beating Vale “A” 8 -2. They turned out a full strength squad of Tomas Watral and Mark Philipsz who were both unbeaten on the night, Yusuf Miller won 1 and they took the doubles to get the maximum 4 points win. For Vale “A”, Andy Sanders and Wojtek Czubek (pictured) both won 1 each, Ron Brown lost his 3.  York Gardens “B” kept the pressure on the “A” team by tying with them on points, wins and sets to stay joint top of the division after a dominating 9 – 1 win over Vale “B”. For York Gardens “B”, Leo Veinsreider and Selwyn Campbell were both unbeaten, as well as winning the doubles, Mike Noble filled in successfully winning 2.  For Vale “B” they were without their 3dr player Tom Coady, Tom Higgs managed to win 1, but Peter Fenner lost his 3. The machine that is York Gardens “A” continued on it’s path of glory with an 8 – 2 victory over York Gardens “D”. For the “A” team, it was the father and son team of Steve and Cain Fagan who both went unbeaten, Sylvia Trenti made a welcome return to division 1 winning 2. For the “D” team, Jessica Monis put in great show to win 1, with both Richard Gayle and Philip Marlow narrowly losing their matches, but they did get some pride back by winning the doubles.

Division 2        St Pauls “A” stay top of division 2 after draw with XXIV Club “A”

    St Pauls “A” managed to draw for the second week running and have maintained their lead by 2 points ahead of their team mates St Pauls “B”. St Pauls “A” were playing against XXIV Club “A” in what turned out to be a fight to the bitter end. The technically talented Paul Rowley and Rob Knifton both won 2 each, Sean Clowry lost his 3 but Paul and Rob won the doubles to get the draw. For XXIV Club “A”, Tom O’malley put in one of his best performances of the season to go unbeaten, Steve Sin and Peter Klocek both won 1 each.  The match between St Pauls “B” and Wilton “A” produced some fabulous quality table tennis. For St Pauls, John Llewellyn was on form going unbeaten and getting man of the match, David Paez played well to win 2, Mike Nash won 1, Mike and John won the doubles to take the match 7 – 3. For Wilton, Richard Evans won 2, Eric Jeanpierre (pictured) won 1 and Emiliano Laghi was again very unlucky to lose his 3.

Division 3      St Pauls “C” edge in front of Wilton “B” to top division 3

   The battle between Wilton “B” and XXIV Club “B” was a dramatic encounter with the XXIV Club gaining the advantage and winning 6 – 4 thanks to a great performance from Peter Klocek who went unbeaten. He was supported by his usual team mates Beatnik Rubane who won 2 and Chris Chikwendu who won 1. For Wilton it was an even split between the 3 Baig Brothers, Hassan, Zain and Humza who all won 1 each plus they took the doubles.  St Pauls “C” edged very slightly in front of Wilton to the top of division 3 after scoring a draw with York Gardens “H”. For St Pauls, Peter Lyall was man of the match winning his 3, Julian Liu won 1, and Luke Pomaro (pictured) was unlucky to lose his 3, Julian and Peter took the doubles to secure the draw. For York Gardens big Krzys Brzezinski and Irfaan Baksh both took 2, with Robin Lee winning 1. The match between Heathfield and Vale “C” was postponed due to unforeseen circumstances.

If you are interested in playing Table Tennis look up one of the many clubs in Wandsworth where you can join in. Players of all skill levels are welcome for coaching, practice or match play, from beginner to national level. Click this link to see clubs in Wandsworth.