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Wandsworth & District Table Tennis League

Welcome to the Wandsworth & District Table Tennis League where you can follow the results of your favourite players and teams that play locally in the Wandsworth area of London as well giving you information of places you where you can play Table Tennis.


Wandsworth and District Table Tennis League

Committee Members





Len Saker

Chairman/General Secretary/Cup Competitions/Match Secretary/Internet Liaison

John Llewellyn



Paul Couper

Match Secretary

John Llewellyn


Surrey TTA Representative

Mike Loveder

Internet Liaison

John Llewellyn


Additional Member

Alan Giles

Coaching and Development

Isma’il Miller

Press Officer

Peter Klocek


1. The name of the league shall be the "Wandsworth and District Table Tennis League". The objects of the league shall be to foster competitive table tennis in the Wandsworth area and to encourage table tennis generally.

2. The League shall operate winter league competitions each year starting no earlier than 1st September and finishing no later than 15th May. The League may also operate cup competitions and/or closed tournaments and/or a summer league.

3. Each team that participates in winter league competitions shall be entitled to one vote at any Meeting of the League until the commencement of the following year's league. A team that is withdrawn from the winter league competition shall lose its vote.

4. The League shall hold an Annual General Meeting every year. That Meeting shall be held no earlier than 1st June and no later than 31st July. That Meeting shall: (a) elect Officers and a Committee to organise the operation of the League and its activities; (b) consider and vote on any amendments to the rules proposed; (c) consider and vote on the reports of the Officers; (d) agree any changes to charges for the following financial year; (e) set out the arrangements for registering teams for the following year's league competitions.  Any proposed amendment to the rules must be submitted in writing to the General Secretary by 1st May.

A Special General Meeting may also be called by a majority vote of the Committee or at the written request of three of the league clubs.

Every General Meeting of the League shall be final and conclusive and shall be binding on clubs and members as the voice of the whole League. At least 21 days clear notice shall be given to all affiliated clubs with regard to any General Meeting of the League. It is the duty of each club to ensure that it has at least one representative at each General Meeting who can vote on behalf of the teams entitled to vote. Failure of a club to have any representative at a General Meeting, unless agreed by the Chairman, shall result in a penalty charge set out in the charges section.

5. The Committee shall be comprised of between 5 and 12 Officers and members. Officer roles shall be allocated at the AGM, however not all members of the Committee need have a specific role. The Committee shall be able to appoint a replacement and/or reallocate a role, if a member of the Committee is unable to continue, without recourse to a Special General Meeting.

6. The League clubs, teams and players shall abide by the rules of TTE. Relevant players' fees must be paid directly to the TTE by the players themselves, or by their clubs. The League will affiliate to the Surrey TTA and will meet the appropriate team affiliation fees.

League competitions

7. Existing member clubs, wishing to enter teams in the league competitions, must adhere to the timetable and arrangements for registration announced at the AGM.  Applications from new clubs should adhere to the same dates and will be assessed by the Committee. If these dates are not met, participation will be at the discretion of the Committee.

Based on the number of teams entered, the Committee shall have full discretion to set the number of teams per division. The aim is to seek to ensure that all teams have a full and competitive program of matches. If the decision is for divisions of (up to) eight or (up to) ten teams, then the program will last the full season and a system of relegation and promotion will apply at the end of the season. If the decision is for divisions of (up to) six teams, then a system of relegation and promotion will also apply at the end of the first half of the season. Normally two teams shall be promoted and two relegated from each division. However depending on: (a) the strength of any new teams entered; (b) changes in players available to a team or; (c) due to restructuring of the divisions, the Committee shall have discretionary powers to vary this. If there are SPARE places available in any division the Committee will consider requests to fill them for the second half of the season. Such requests should be made by 1st December. For full season programs, matches for these teams would be on a "friendly" basis and not affect league tables/results, but all other league competition rules would apply.

8. Each fixture in league competition shall consist of nine singles matches and one doubles match. All the singles shall be played by the three players of each team; however if desired other players may play in the doubles. Each match will normally be 11-up, best of five games. However teams with two or more registered school-age players MAY opt for a SHORTER format for fixtures. All SINGLES would be best of three games. This option must be notified on registration at the start of the season and will apply to all league competition fixtures in which that team plays for the whole season.  The League scoring shall be: 6 points for a 10-0, 9-1 or 8-2 victory; 5 points for a 7-3 victory; 4 points for a 6-4 victory; 3 points for a 5-5 draw; 2 points for a 4-6 loss; 1 point for a 3-7 loss; 0 points for a 2-8, 1-9 or 0-10 loss. In the event of a walkover the non-offending team shall be awarded 6 points. If a team has a walkover awarded to their opponents on four occasions, that team will be automatically be withdrawn from the league. If a team withdraws, or is withdrawn, its record shall be deleted and the Committee may bar the team from re-entering the league for one season. Divisional positions will be decided according to the following, in order of priority: (a) points gained; (b) fixtures won; (c) fixtures drawn; (d) games difference; (e) the head-to-head table, on the same basis, for teams still tied on (a)-(d). In the event of a tie on all these factors the Committee shall decide on a method of resolution.

9. Fixtures should start at 7.30. If a team is not ready to commence by 8.00 the team ready to play may claim a walkover. Players arriving after 8.15 shall not be allowed to play unless agreed by the opposition captain. If an away team is ready to start at 7.30 (or ready first if both teams late) the home team shall concede any matches not completed when the premises have to close; otherwise the home team may claim any incomplete matches. If a team has opted for the SHORTER format and the opposition is not ready to start at 7.30, it may claim any match not started by 9.30pm.  The home team must present their order of play to their opponents in all matches. However teams are expected to be flexible over the order of play. If two tables are used, the away team shall have choice of tables and order of play. An umpire shall be agreed for each match and his/her decision is final. Dress shall be as laid down by TTE. The home team captain shall ensure the result card is completed and signed by both captains and must notify the result to the Match Secretary promptly by an approved method.

10. Clubs must select a home night for each team when entering teams. All fixtures must be played on the scheduled evening (as set out in the handbook).Clubs may postpone fixtures if the premises are not available or players are representing the Wandsworth League; unavailability of players shall not be a sufficient reason.

11. When a match is not played on that night, the points will be awarded to the non-offending team, or if both teams are at fault the match will be void. A match may be re-arranged by mutual consent and should be brought forward whenever possible. If postponed until later, the Match Secretary must be informed of the reason and the re-scheduled date, which must be in the same half-season. A team may change its home night during the season, but must then contact their opponents with a reminder a week before each of their remaining home matches.

12. It shall be the duty of a club participating in the league competitions to provide the best possible playing conditions with particular regard to: (a) efficient lighting; (b) tables and (c) floor space. In the event of a complaint, the Committee shall request the club concerned to submit a report. Any recommendations of the Committee must be adhered to.

13. The Committee and Match Secretary may agree to arrange a summer league. Rules may differ from the winter leagues. This may be used to trial a two-player team format. Fees and rule changes, if any, will be decided by the Committee and notified to clubs if this option is pursued.

Registrations and Playing-up

14. Only registered players may play in the league competitions and each player may only be registered for one team.  A club must register a minimum of three players for each team entered, however there is no upper limit to the number that may be registered. If a player registered at the start of the season becomes unavailable before playing a match, another new player may be substituted in his/her place without a new fee being charged; this concession will end each 1st November.  In general the strongest players shall be in the first team, the next strongest in the second team and so on. The Committee may reject registrations that it feels breach this arrangement.

15. Clubs are encouraged to ensure they have three players for each fixture. If they cannot do this from existing players, they may:(a) register new players (b) play up a player from another team.   New registrations must be notified to the Match Secretary no later than the day of the match.  New registrations are generally not allowed after the 1st February (also after 1st November if divisions of up to 6) but may be agreed by the Match Secretary, or Committee, in advance if he/she considers there is a justifiable reason.  New registrations must not breach the rule that "the strongest players should be in the first team and so on" and must not be used to bring in stronger players for crucial matches. The Match Secretary will, if he/she knows the player, will advise the team concerned if he considers there is a breach of the guidance above.

16. Rules re playing-up. A player may not: (a) play for another club; (b) play for a team in a lower division; (c) play for a lower ranked team in the same division; (d) play for another team in the same division on more than one occasion; (e) play for more than one team in each of the higher divisions. (Note: If a player does play up four times for a team, he/she may only play thereafter for that team and not for any other team.) These options must not be used to bring in stronger players for crucial matches.

17. The Committee shall have discretionary powers in individual cases to : (a) vary the rules on registration of players; (b) extend or restrict the rules on playing-up; (c) to nullify the games of players and/or adjust points to correct if it considers there has been a breach of any the rules (d) take any necessary action to preserve the spirit of the game. Any club wishing to request a variation of these rules or a review of any decisions thereon must submit a written request to the Match Secretary who will ask the Committee to reach a decision.

President's and Chairman's Cups

18. Cup fixtures shall be subject to league competition rules and fines except as follows:

  • President’s cup fixtures shall consist of nine singles matches, each 11-up best of five games.
  • Chairman's cup fixtures shall consist of nine singles, each 11-up, best of five games. Handicaps will be decided by the Committee. If a game score reaches 10-10 a final point shall decide the game. If a fifth game is required in any match, change of ends will occur once one of the players has scored 5 points.
  • Only teams registered for the league competition may enter the cups. They must request entry to the cups when registering the team for the league competition. In round 2, players must have played at least twice for that team in the league and at least four times for later rounds. Players may only play for one cup team in each cup competition. The Cup Secretary may be asked to give prior permission to vary the rules if this means a club cannot field a full team for a fixture. This option may not be used to strengthen a team.

Financial Matters

19. The subscription shall be £39.00 per annum for each team, for teams joining mid-season the fee shall be £25.00. Players' registration fees shall be £3.00 per person per annum. The charge for entering the Presidents Cup shall be £0.00. The charge for entering the Chairman's Cup shall be £0.00.in the playing area is bleeding, play shall be suspended immediately and shall not resume until that person has received medical treatment and all traces of blood have been removed from the playing area.  Clubs shall be fined for the following: (a) failure of a club to have a representatative at a General Meeting - £4 for each team entitled to vote; (b) on each occasion a team plays with only 2 players - £2; (c) on each occasion a team plays with one player or concedes a walkover or fails to give opponents 24 hours notice of being unable to fulfil a fixture or fails to notify the Match Secretary of a postponement - £5. The Committee shall have discretion to waive or reduce fines when it considers this appropriate.  A club shall lodge a guarantee fee of £8 for each team entered for league competition. The guarantee fee shall be refundable at the end of the season, less any fines payable by the club.  Fees for the closed championships or any other competitions shall be set by the Committee.

20. In the event of the League closing down, the assets of the League shall be divided between the clubs in proportion to the number of teams that were registered and not withdrawn in the last competitive season of the league competitions.