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Wandsworth & District Table Tennis League

Welcome to the Wandsworth & District Table Tennis League where you can follow the results of your favourite players and teams that play locally in the Wandsworth area of London as well giving you information of places you where you can play Table Tennis.


History of the Wandsworth and District Table Tennis League

The league was founded in 1945 just after the second World War, and has had an illustrious history with many great players including England Internationals competing in the league. The likes of Ron Craydon, Jackie Head, and Harry Venner are on the list of past champions. The legendary Trevor Campbell who was a Wandsworth singles champion in the 1960’s still plays in Division 1, and it is unlikely that anyone will ever get close to the achievement of Steve Holloway who has won the singles title a staggering 19 times over a 35 year period!

Ladies Singles

G. Faulder (Kirk & Kirk)

G. Faulder (Kirk & Kirk)

D. Atherton (Gardens)

F. Stephens (W. Norwood)

J. Malget (Albion)

J. Winn (W. Norwood)

E. Durrant (W. Norwood)

J. Winn (Putney)

K. Burge (Putney)

M. Piper (Putney)

M. Piper (Putney)

M. Piper (Putney)

M. Piper (Putney)

M. Piper (Putney)

M. Piper (Earlsfield Defoe)

M. Piper (Earlsfield Defoe)

M. Piper (Earlsfield Defoe)

M. Piper (Earlsfield Defoe)

B. Hart (Estreham)

J. Baker (Earlsfield Defoe)

P. Venus (Bec O.B.)

M. Peake (XXIV Club)

J. Baker (Earlsfield Defoe)

M. Piper (CWI Maygar)

M. Piper (Kelvin TTC)

G. Macrae (XXIV Club)

J. Brigly (XXIV Club)

P. Lister (Magdalen Park LTC)

C. Abraham (Argyle TTC)

P. Piper (Penwortham TTC)

P. Piper (XXIV Club)

P. Piper

T. McGrath

T. McGrath

J. Seabrook (Chesterton)

J. Dart (Chesterton)

Not Held

J. Seabrook (XXIV Club)

S. Adamson (XXIV Club)

Not Held

Not Held

Ladies Singles

1998 F. Grace

Mixed Doubles

1998 J. Kirk/P. Moore

Men's Singles

1946 R. Sharman (Gardens)

1947 J. E. Head (Wim. YMCA)

1948 R. Sharman (Gardens)

1949 J. E. Head (Wim. YMCA)

1950 H. T. Venner (Wim. YMCA)

1951 H. T. Venner (Wim. YMCA)

1952 R. J. Crayden (W. Norwood)

1953 F. Wetzel (Putney)

1954 J. Pollard (Wim. YMCA)

1955 T. W. Kirby (Putney)

1956 A. Wolfe (Putney)

1957 A. R. Miller (Putney)

1958 T. W. Kirby (Putney)

1959 G. Chapman (Putney)

1960 D. Gilbert (Wim. YMCA)

1961 D. Gilbert (Bibby)

1962 R. Murray (Estreham)

1963 J. Hoad (Mitcham)

1964 M. Hart (Estreham)

1965 M. Bax (Beverley)

1966 R. Penfold (St. Michael's)

1967 K. Sajdeh (Bec O.B.)

1968 T. Campbell (Crescent)

1969 T. Campbell (Crescent)

1970 T. Campbell (Crescent)

1971 M. Richards (XXIV Club)

1972 T. Adams (Estreham)

1973 C. Strathearn (Larkhall TTC)

1974 S. Lyons (Larkhall TTC)

1975 F. Murphy (Argyle TTC)

1976 D. Harding (Larkhall TTC)

1977 F. Murphy

1978 S. Holloway

1979 S. Holloway

1980 S. Holloway (Earlsfield)

1981 N. Hoare (Wimbledon)

1982 S. Holloway (Earlsfield)

1983 S. Holloway (Earlsfield)

1984 S. Holloway (Earlsfield)

1985 S. Holloway (Earlsfield)

1986 Not Held

Open Doubles

S. Holloway/D. Bangerter

S. Holloway/D. Bangerter

S. Holloway/D. Bangerter

R. Bolton/S. Fisher

S. Holloway/D. Bangerter

S. Holloway/D. Bangerter

S. Holloway/D. Bangerter

S. Holloway/D. Bangerter

S. Campbell/A. Wuraola

S. Holloway/D. Bangerter

S. Holloway/D. Bangerter

S. Holloway/S. Richards

S. Holloway/S. Richards

S. Campbell/D. Gerrard

S. Campbell/D. Zurowski

D. Shah/S. Holloway

M. Burman/S. Holloway

S. Holloway/D. Shah

S. Holloway/C. Lewis

S. Holloway/L. Persaud

S. Holloway/T. Goodship

L. Persaud/M Nakielski

S. Holohan/R. Nelson

S. Holloway/L. Persaud

D. Fraser/M. Farquharson

S. Holloway/L. Persaud

S. Holloway/L. Persaud

Open Singles

1987 S. Holloway (Earlsfield)

1988 S. Holloway (Earlsfield)

1989 S. Holloway (Earlsfield)

1990 S. Holloway (Earlsfield)

1991 S. Campbell (York Gardens)

1992 S. Holloway (Earlsfield)

1993 S. Holloway (Earlsfield)

1994 S. Campbell (York Gardens)

1995 S. Campbell (York Gardens)

1996 S. Campbell (York Gardens)

1997 A. Wuraola (York Gardens)

1998 A. Wuraola (York Gardens)

1999 S. Campbell (York Gardens)

2000 S. Campbell (York Gardens)

2001 D. Zurowski

2002 S. Campbell (York Gardens)

2003 M. Burman (South Mitcham)

2004 P. Barrow (York Gardens)

2005 C. Lewis (York Gardens)

2006 S. Holloway (South Mitcham)

2007 S. Holloway (South Mitcham)

2008 S. Holloway (South Mitcham)

2009 S. Holloway (South Mitcham)

2010 S. Holloway (South Mitcham)

2011 S. Holloway (South Mitcham)

2012 L. Veinsreider (York Gardens)

2014 L. Persaud (York Gardens)


Veterans Single

1993 A. Foley

1994 B. Leach

1995 D. Randall

1996 G. Buck

1997 A. Gayle

1998 A. Gayle

1999 A. Benning

2000 A. Gayle

2001 M. Pearson

2002 L. Persaud

2003 L. Persaud

2004 E. Mitchell

2005 A. Foley

2006 L. Persaud

2007 M. Farquharson

2008 L. Persaud

2009 L. Persaud

2010 A. Foley

2011 M. Farquharson

2012 L. Persaud

2014 L. Persaud

Veterans Doubles

A. Foley/R. Benfield

A Benning/A. Foley

G. Buck/B. Leach

A. Benning/A. Foley

A. Gayle/S. Fisher

S. Fisher/A. Gayle

S. Fisher/A. Gayle

A. Gayle/M. Pearson

S. Fisher

L. Leow/S. Fisher

E. Mitchell/L. Persaud

A Foley/B. Leach

A. Foley/B. Leach

L. Persaud/ L. Leow

A. Benning/A. Foley

A. Benning/A. Foley

L. Persaud/A. Hird

A. Folley/L. Persaud

M. Farquharson/R. Holmes

M. Loveder/T. Campbell

L. Persaud/P. Sangchin

Handicap Singles

1993 S. Holloway

1994 H. Quartey

1995 G. Cooper

1996 C. Hoilett

1997 R. Cumbley

1998 L. Saker

1999 G. Cooper

2000 F. Wade

2001 S. Fagan

2002 A. Leow

2003 R. Holmes

2004 C. Lynch

2005 C. Stokes

2006 S. Holloway

2007 C. Stokes

2008 S. Holloway

2009 S. Holloway

2010 R. Barr

2011 S. Holloway

2012 L. Veinsreider

2014 L. Veinsreider

Handicap Doubles

S. Holloway/N. Orvain

S. Holloway/A. Quartey

M. Bulpit/L. Thompson

S. Campbell/B. Reddington

S. Holloway/J. Carmello

S. Fisher/A. Gayle

S. Holloway/B. Ibikunie

R. Bolton/T. Coady

S. Holloway/L. Saker

L. Leow/T. Coady

T. Coady/A. Leow

S. Holloway/M. Bright

D. Taucher/J. Andrews

L. Leow/R. Feder

G. Cooper/P. Fenner

A. Giles/S. Holloway

G. Cooper/ S. Hoare

R. Barr/T. O'Malley

S. Holloway/R. Reeves

Not Held


Junior Singles

1994 H. Quartey

2002 E. Sharpe

2012 L. Loma

Junior Doubles

1994 H. Quartey/A. Quartey

Masters Singles

1999 R. Clark

2000 M. Pearson

2001 A. Benning

2002 M. Pearson

2003 A. Foley

2004 A. Foley

2005 A. Foley

2006 A. Benning

2007 Not Held

2008 A. Foley

2009 A. Foley

2010 D. White

2011 Not held

2012 T. Campbell

Masters Doubles

A. Benning/A. Foley

A. Benning/A. Foley

A. Benning/M. Pearson

A. Foley/B. Leach

A. Foley/B. Leach

A. Foley/B. Leach

A. Foley/B. Leach

A. Foley/B. Leach

Not Held

A. Benning/A. Foley

A. Foley/M. Pearson

A. Foley/R. Holmes

2011 Not held

M. Loveder/T. Campbell

Minor singles          Doubles

2012 P. Scarlett      Not Held

2014 A. Atkins        Coady/Klocek