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Wandsworth & District Table Tennis League

Welcome to the Wandsworth & District Table Tennis League where you can follow the results of your favourite players and teams that play locally in the Wandsworth area of London as well giving you information of places you where you can play Table Tennis.


LINKS to Table Tennis websites

Governing bodies of the sport:

The International Table Tennis Federation http://www.ittf.com/

European Table Tennis Union http://www.ettu.org/

Table Tennis England http://tabletennisengland.co.uk/

Welsh Table Tennis Association http://www.ttaw.co.uk

Irish Table Tennis Association http://www.irishtabletennis.com/

Scottish Table Tennis Association http://www.tabletennisscotland.com/

The Surrey Table Tennis Association http://www.surreytt.co.uk/

Table Tennis Local Leagues:

The Croydon League http://www.croydontt.co.uk/

The Guildford League http://www.gttl.co.uk/

The Haslemere League http://hdtta.co.uk/

The Sutton League http://www.sdttl.co.uk/

The Thames Valley League https://www.tabletennis365.com/ThamesValley

Central London League https://www.tabletennis365.com/CentralLondon

Wandsworth Table Tennis Clubs:

York Gardens Table Tennis Club http://www.yorkgardensttc.com/

Dulwich Table Tennis Club http://www.dulwichttc.com/